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​I'm Lelia Christine - The Courageous Creator.

I create soulful guided teachings + tools to align you with your intuition and truth in order to create whatever you can (or can't yet) imagine is possible.


My mission is to ignite within you the clarity to hear, feel, sense, see, and know your divine inner wisdom. To connect with your heart and soul - your higher self.

Clear away the fears, judgments, and roadblocks. Transform your world and access a new vocabulary of living.

Bloom in your truth.

Whatever transition or transformation you're seeking or experiencing, you already have the road-map within you.

Your higher self knows what you need. It's time to listen.


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Wild Wisdom is a 144 page soulful guided journal designed to empower, inspire, and connect you with the truth of your own inner wisdom. Using animal symbolism, you are gently guided to creatively explore your intuition and truths. The journal features journaling prompts, empowering quotes, coloring pages, and space to create without restriction.



through soulful journaling

Five years ago, my life was stagnant. I was unfulfilled, frustrated, impatient, and kept feeling "this isn't how it was supposed to be."

I knew that something needed to shift.

So, I shifted. Love, job, relationship, environment, spirituality, confidence, relationship with money, mission, voice, purpose, satisfaction, desires.


I worked with coaches and mentors, read (so many) books, listened to podcasts, took classes, got certifications, traveled, practiced with shamans, hired psychics...

And ultimately it all led me back to one place: here, with myself.

With everything I'd learned, I knew I had to find a way to release any dependent energy I had on anything outside of myself.

Through the imperfect art of journaling, the voice of truth within me finally emerged.

You have Wild Wisdom within you that is worthy of being explored. There is a voice of truth that is not dependent on anyone else, it is your own. Discover the rhythm of your words. Color outside the lines.

Spark a written revolution, and document this beautifully messy human experience. There is no right or wrong way to journal, and I am here to disrupt the norms along with you.