I've been writing my entire life.

This is less a blog, and more a collection. Resources, poetry, ideas, tools... it's all here to help.

Please do not forget that rest is part of the work. You can't go go go go go and maintain it sustainably. You must give your body, mind, and soul an opportunity to rest. You need to hibernate, and prepare yourself for the beautiful action that is in your path.

There is...

"You cannot be lonely if you love the person you're alone with." - Wayne Dyer

I truly believe that we must learn to feel comfortable and loved when we are alone, so that others may learn to love us unconditionally in the same manner. When you are alone and feel lonely,...

Often times as an empath, it can be hard to let go of the feelings and emotions we hold for others. Of course our caring comes from a place of love, but the bottom line is that we are not walking their path. Something that may feel like an atrocious mistake to us, will...

I have worked with many clients (and with myself!) on energetic de-cording from people or situations that are draining and no longer serving us. I first was introduced to this idea of energetic cords that tie us to other souls, and how this doesn't always serve us, a f...

Drop the banana.

I first came across this when I was going through a very hard breakup in 2014. They say if you truly love someone, you have to let them go. But how do you let go?! I had no idea what to actually do. So all I could do was set the intention to let go. If...

​​Sometimes we have to step out on a new path, without having a guarantee of where we will end up.

Life is a series of transitions, life is chapters.

Each one of them building upon each other to create the book of your life. (I believe only to add to the volumes of life...

Do you like to stay up late? Are you a late riser? Do you find you focus better in the afternoon or evening? I'm here to preach that IT IS OKAY!!! The reality is that your true sleep schedule is very much embedded in your DNA.

The most successful people work a schedule...

You are not a tree. You can get up and move.

Ask yourself: does this feed me, or bleed me?

Do not devalue your worth and allow yourself to feel trapped. You always have choices. There are always options. Whether it's a job, relationship, friendship, or even ideas of ho...

Look at you go, you loving and creative soul. With your massive heart and natural talent, your success knows no bounds. You accomplish greatness every day. You are enough.

You are also a perfectionist.

Let me break it down for you, sweet soul. The bar you set for yo...

Recently, I have had the opportunity to be there for a few close friends who have been experiencing heartbreak. Sometimes it's hard to know what to say, or how to be there for them. And yet I feel for them, even if I'm not currently experiencing their pain. I know the...

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