The Gift of Heartbreak

Recently, I have had the opportunity to be there for a few close friends who have been experiencing heartbreak. Sometimes it's hard to know what to say, or how to be there for them. And yet I feel for them, even if I'm not currently experiencing their pain. I know the ache. I know how it burns and grinds and leaves you feeling hollow and lost. But here's the beauty: it's a curious gift.

Heartbreak is an awakening.

A crudely-wrapped present that busts us wide open, and allows us to grow at greater depths than ever before. Yet while we are in the trenches, it is often difficult to see the beauty of the pain.

It's hard to tap into the golden message that heartbreak itself is a unique expression of love. It's not a downgraded love. It's not a lesser love.

It is simply - love.

To experience heartbreak at profound depths only highlights your divine ability to love. So for any of you experiencing heartbreak or grief right now, please know that the love in me bows to the love in you.

I honor your experience and I meet you there, through the depths of heartache;

you are not alone.

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