Does this feed me or bleed me?

You are not a tree. You can get up and move.

Ask yourself: does this feed me, or bleed me?

Do not devalue your worth and allow yourself to feel trapped. You always have choices. There are always options. Whether it's a job, relationship, friendship, or even ideas of how you think your life "should" be.

You are human and you have the gorgeous gift of free will-- use it!

Take a baby step if it's all you can manage. Or leap from the cliff binding you to a falsehood that is not yours. Do what you can, now. Free yourself and experience the lightness of walking your highest path.

All we have in life is the present moment.

There is too much beauty to experience to allow yourself to sink into the illusion of not having choices. There is too much life to live, don't waste it on that which doesn't help you bloom.