High Level Achiever

Look at you go, you loving and creative soul. With your massive heart and natural talent, your success knows no bounds. You accomplish greatness every day. You are enough.

You are also a perfectionist.

Let me break it down for you, sweet soul. The bar you set for yourself is higher than the state of Colorado. You invite the difficult with open arms. You crave the uphill battle. You desperately beg for lose-lose situations.

And yet, look at you go!

You slay those hardships with ease and grace. You hit the unhittable! You achieve greatness. You blow us away. Oh, but it’s never enough. Not for you. When will you relish in your victories? When will you accept your worth? Will you hear me when I tell you how brilliant you are?

Listen to me earnestly.

You are enough. You will always be enough. I beg you surrender your shackles of perfectionism. I lovingly ask you to release all toxic constraints. I crave for you to choose hope, patience, and love as your new grading system.

With love as your teacher, you will always have a perfect score.