March Forth

​​Sometimes we have to step out on a new path, without having a guarantee of where we will end up.

Life is a series of transitions, life is chapters.

Each one of them building upon each other to create the book of your life. (I believe only to add to the volumes of life your soul has experienced.)

What chapter are you embarking on now? What does this transition feel like? How can you allow yourself to take steps down this path without necessarily knowing where it will take you?

Faith. Trust. Surrender.

You don't have to have religious beliefs to have faith. This is a power you can discover for yourself. Can you find inner guidance and faith that it will all be okay? Can you trust that it will be better than okay? It will burn you like the phoenix so you can rise and spread your glorious wings.

The bitterness and pain will force you to release blame and accept your co-creator responsibility of building YOUR life for YOURSELF.

I have been feeling this message of compassionate destruction for so many people around me. So if you are reading this and it resonates with you, please know that you are not alone. We are all experiencing a huge page turn to this next chapter in our books - relationships, career, health, finances, values, choices, home, identity, spirituality, emotions, mindset...

It's all happening, all around us. And I feel how hard it feels for you, but I also can see the beautiful other side of allowing yourself to be molded by this fire of transformation. I see the beautiful horizon you are journeying towards. So please, give yourself the grace and patience as it all unfurls.

Allow kindness and compassion to envelop your heart.

I send you love and a hope that you allow yourself the same.