Shout-out to the late risers...

Do you like to stay up late? Are you a late riser? Do you find you focus better in the afternoon or evening? I'm here to preach that IT IS OKAY!!! The reality is that your true sleep schedule is very much embedded in your DNA.

The most successful people work a schedule that aligns with their natural cycles.

And while the western world would like to guilt us Night Owls, it's not necessarily that the early bird gets the worm. (Plus what if you prefer fireflies? Can't catch those in the morning... jussayin) It's about being effective anSled efficient with your OWN body's schedule. For example: if I have clients until 8 pm and work on a creative project until 2 am, getting up at 11 isn't "lazy." Stay strong my fellow night owls, I support you!