Drop The Banana

Drop the banana.

I first came across this when I was going through a very hard breakup in 2014. They say if you truly love someone, you have to let them go. But how do you let go?! I had no idea what to actually do. So all I could do was set the intention to let go. If that's what loving really meant, then I knew I could do it. After all, I had never loved anyone more in my life at the time. And at first, I thought this would mean I'd never be able to let them go.

But I now realize that BECAUSE I loved so much, I was truly able to let go.

At first, I could only let go in small doses... amidst the pauses of tears and breakdowns. But each day, I was able to let go a tiny bit more. Then those days turned into weeks, and I'd find myself letting go even more. Weeks turned into months, and I had let go more than I ever thought possible. Now those months have almost grown to years, and my heart is full of peace. I've let go, and through that process realized that the love is always there.

Love transcends time and space - I feel that now.

Love is light and always exists. And what I was letting go this entire time wasn't the love. I was letting go of how I thought things were SUPPOSED to be. I dropped the banana. I dropped the banana I thought was my whole world. Only then was I able to see the bounty and abundance of love available to me. I have learned so much, and yet I have so far to go.

But this banana-dropping process has gifted me with more than I ever could have imagined. My heart has grown bigger than I thought possible. I am finally capable of receiving unconditional love, from myself and others. I wasn't able to do this before I learned to let go. So I beg of you, be thankful of being able to let go of the fruits not meant for you. Whether a career, the city you live in, relationships, or your visions of how things are supposed to be... Please. Drop the banana.

There is a bounty available to you, and you deserve it all.